Barn door laundry makeover

It’s no secret that many of our fancy projects are on our own house. This is one of those projects.

The laundry closet has been a huge frustration since day one. It started with a dirty blank slate. It was empty. A single metal shelf lined the top of the closet, but otherwise, there was NOTHING in there.

And the bi-fold doors!!! UGH! The tracks were constantly bending out of shape and the doors would always fall off the tracks.

Socks were always disappearing behind the washer and dryer.

So we started working on fixing these issues over the past few years. First, cabinets were installed for storage. When working a job, J.T. brought home some discarded countertops that he  customized to fit over the washer and dryer, with a step up shelf in the back, to prevent clothes from falling behind the washer and dryer when folding laundry.

A solution for the bi-fold doors took a little longer.

For my birthday, I told J.T. I wanted sliding doors. We went back and forth on the design, but finally, we agreed on a design, a little less “country” than the original design, and more craftsman style. Over the process of about five days after work, J.T. built the doors and installed them. The transformation is incredible, so be sure to click through the gallery below!

As a sidenote, the pushing out of the back wall and putting in a landing and stairs to the second story is covered in a previous post, so be sure to check that out if you haven’t!


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