About Us

Three Quarters Restoration is comprised of husband and wife duo J.T. and Pamela Claytor, who have been friends nearly all of their lives-making for an unstoppable team. They dream of returning historic homes and businesses to their former glory while restoring and reusing as many period-centric pieces as possible, while also allowing plenty of room for today’s modern conveniences and a unique finish here and there. Together J.T. and Pamela have three children, Joseph, Eva and Jeremiah, who like to tag-along every now and then on job sites to learn the ropes.

Carpentry was never something J.T. planned to do, he just kind of fell into it. He spent about a decade learning the ins and outs of finish and trim carpentry in the residences of some of the most well-known names in business in Washington State. Since moving back home to Tennessee in 2011, he’s continued working in the construction industry, assisting in building both  business and residential structures from the ground up-starting with concrete and framing, all the way up to roofing. Along with carpentry, he’s had his hands in a bit of everything over the past 13 years, to include plumbing, wiring, flooring, painting, tiling, cabinetry, siding and even a top shelf bar or two.



Pamela got involved in construction when she purchased the couple’s home 10  years ago. She’s tiled walls and floors, insulated, trimmed, painted, and designed finishes alongside J.T. from day one, which then turned into assisting him on handyman and remodel jobs, often running a saw or screw gun while J.T. handled the more intricate tasks. Pamela holds a bachelor’s degree from Tennessee Tech in English and History. She also graduated from the New York Institute of Photography. For more information on her photography work, visit www.pamelatakespics.com.


We look forward to meeting you and your family and planning your dream project together! Call us today to schedule a free appointment at your property t discuss and bid your dream remodel.