Second story movie room addition

This was the first project we kicked off together. This was our attic, which was only accessible from a tiny little hole in the garage ceiling.

When the project started, Joseph (now 9) was just a toddler. So the idea was to have a place for the adults to hang out after Joseph’s bed time without waking him. But we slowly chipped away at it for about four years before it was done. Now Joseph is a big boy and we have two more toddlers!

The space, approximately 400 square feet of once completely unfinished attic, is now a movie room, a long hallway that we use as a gallery for family portraits, and an office space. The office space was J.T.’s idea. When we learned we were expecting Eva, Pamela had to give up her office space in the third bedroom for Eva’s nursery. Now, Pamela has a small office with a ton of storage built into the walls.

The stairs did not exist before. The stairway was built in the garage. The door that had gone into the garage was taken out, and a 4×8 landing was built, with the door then moved to the other side of the landing. We lost a little garage space, but it was worth it. We are now working to finish a makeover on the garage, as well!

This is not the last big addition. We are kicking off an addition onto our home-a new master suite-this spring.

Check out the before and after photos below. The first two pictures are what the attic looked like before we started. What you can’t see are the hundreds of wires that were strewn all over what would become the floor. A good friend, who happens to be an electrician, came and helped move all of those wires so we could lay flooring after sistering all the joists.


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