Hall bath with built in shelving

Another bathroom with some built-ins! We LOVE built-ins, as they create a storage solution without taking up valuable square footage. Many bathroom cabinets sold as discount stores fit over toilets, but in already small bathrooms, this can make them feel even more closed in. Built-ins can be hidden (in this case behind the bathroom door) and yet are still pretty to look at while not making any impact on the size of the room. The bead board, updated fixtures, crown molding and tile around the shower (a clever cover up of a messy drywall job around the shower), paint and design were done by us (not to mention pulling down that old wallpaper border!). That big ship hanging on the door? That was a hand-me-down that had belonged to Pamela’s late father, who had severed in the U.S. Navy. It worked just perfect for this nautical themed bathroom!


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