From bland orange, to wow-factor trim entryway

Making a good impression when I open my front door is a huge priority for me in my home.

I searched for the perfect house for about six months before I found a house that had a welcoming entry that I could transform into something amazing. Well, let me rephrase: An entry in which I could envision something amazing and describe to J.T., that he could then bring to life, with me helping him along the way.

First to go was the ugly white tile floor just inside the front door. I replaced it with custom clay tile. Unfortunately I wasn’t as detail oriented in taking pictures like I am today, so I don’t have a good picture with the white tile.

Then came a new light fixture to replace the builder grade “nipple light,” crown molding, bats and railing. And that medallion! After the chandelier was installed, we realized it hung a little too low. A little online shopping turned up a medallion that could raise the chandelier about three inches.

Finally, J.T. brought home an antique fireplace mantle to solve our lack of storage (I did have to give up an entry closet in finding a home with a nice entry) that we painted, altered and placed hooks on to hold our things. The bench was a yard sale find that has served us so perfectly for the kids’ shoes.

The floors will need to be changed at some point, they are super thin and very badly beaten. We are waiting until our kids are older and not so rough with their toys before we take on that project!

We can create a welcoming entry for you, as well, with a little creative planning! Call us for a free quote today!


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