Smooth ceilings & trim in an itsy bitsy bathroom

When this client had purchased a new walk-in tub, she was so excited to retreat to her bathroom at the end of the day...except for those yellow, peeling walls and grungy ceiling with the texture falling off. While we didn't complete a full remodel of this bathroom, we did remove the texture from the ceiling … Continue reading Smooth ceilings & trim in an itsy bitsy bathroom


Stone bar

This was one of the first bars J.T. was hired to construct. This is at a local residence who puts family time above all else, and have spent a great deal of time creating a family-centric outdoor space where everyone loves to gather every Friday night. This bar was made with Air Stone and tile. … Continue reading Stone bar

Bathroom update

From builder grade to fab, this little facelift has added a great deal of character! My favorite part of this project is the build in shelving behind the door, to solve some serious storage issues in this bathroom. Be sure to click through below to see the before and after photos!